• Independent, World-Class Experts in

    Computer Science &

    Electronic Engineering

    for Internet of Things Applications

  • What We Can Do For You

    We help our clients optimize their R&D investment,

    design cost-effective products and drive innovation where it really matters


    Product Design

    Making the right architectural choices

    • Product Specification and System-level Test Plan
    • Processors architecture
    • System-On-Chip architecture and optimisation for power, throughput, latency, and cost
    • Embedded Software Architecture (Open Source/Proprietary) 

    Design Automation

    R&D productivity: doing things faster and better

    • System-Level HW-SW co-design
    • Wireless Network Architecture Optimization

    Support to Enterprise Strategy

    Making decisions that create shareholders' value

    • New Product Go/No-Go decision
    • Make vs. Buy analysis
    • Strategic Risk Assessment
  • Just-In-Time Collaboration Approach

    • Upon a Client’s request, a team is assembled appropriately to address the Client’s specific needs, and put to work for the shortest amount of time required to deliver solid results
    • Enabling swift, agile operations without the fixed costs of large structures typically found in conventional consulting firms

    Speed & Responsiveness

    We respond to Clients very rapidly and we deliver results in the shortest possible time

    • 24-hour response to first inquiry: do we have the necessary skills to address your needs ?
    • 48-hour follow-up: conference calls to identify specific areas to be addressed, resulting in an initial problem statement. We assess together with you the objectives, the timeline and the scope of the intervention
    • 72-hour: feasibility analysis phase, it includes short follow-up calls or face-to-face meetings with stakeholders
    • Commercial Proposition Submission and Presentation
    • Follow-on consulting project: fastest possible development of an Actionable Work-Plan, Execution


    We are exclusively positioned on highly focused consulting projects

    • We want to deliver solid results by concentrating on what we do best, not on how to charge you for more of our time
  • Client's Benefits

    Direct access to top-notch experts with a proven track-record of successful products, without the hassle and the high-costs of large design houses

    • Increased R&D productivity
    • R&D Investment's Risks Mitigation

  • Core Team

    Meet Our Gurus!

    • R&D Strategy
    • Portfolio Optimisation
    • Risk Assessment

    Based in Annecy, France

    Roger Shepherd

    • Processor Architecture
    • System On Chip Architecture
    • IoT Security

    Based in Bristol, U.K.

    Luciano Lavagno, PhD

    • HW/SW Co-design
    • Model-Based Design of Wireless Sensors Networks

    Based in Turin, Italy

    Mihai Lazarescu, PhD

    • Wireless Sensor Networks
    • Distributed Monitoring Systems

    Based in Turin, Italy


    Carlo Alberto Negri

    • Software Architecture
    • Mobile Applications in iOS and Android

    Based in Milan, Italy


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    7 Rue De L' Annexion
    74000 Annecy - France
    +33 (0) 6 48 72 97 62
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